ERCC, a roofing and general contracting company was born when four long time builders and contractors decided to join up to form a construction company specializing in roofing, waterproofing and exterior building envelope repairs. ERCC’s four partners bring over 100 years of combined construction experience, professionalism and expertise to the table with special emphasis on addressing prevention and correction of building water intrusion issues. ERC has the knowledge and experience to evaluate our client’s needs and offer multiple product solutions individually tailored for each project and budget.

Our mutual goal is to develop and successfully operate an exceptional roofing and general contracting company that makes a fair profit, provides a stable foundation for its employees and their families, offers practical solutions to for every project and is dedicated to delivering total customer satisfaction.

About the Photos: Racer Matt Bynum Carving the Tracks
Lives: Oak Hills, CA
Level: Motocross – “B” Intermediate Amateur
Off-Road – “A” Expert Amateur
Goals: Pro Outdoor Nationals, Pro Arena Cross, Pro Supercross
Sponsors: John Burr Cycles, Varner Motorsports, Graeme Brough Suspension,
EKS Brand, Keefer Inc., Yamaha Blu Cru, Ryno Power
2015 Schedule: Canadian Motorsport Racing, Inc. Pro Nationals, Mammoth MX,
Transworld MX Race Series, REM, Worcs
Interest: Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, BMX, anything 2 wheels


All of us at ERC Construction are two wheel racing enthusiast. ERCC believes strongly in teamwork. Every successful project constructed by ERCC from start to finish is accomplished through dedication, professionalism and precisely coordinated teamwork.

ERCC is taking its roofing and construction work ethic into the two wheel racing industry. ERCC racing is focused on Motocross, Off-Road, Mountain Bike (Cross Country), XTERRA MTB TRIATHLON, and Triathlon racing.